Media Cartel Snowflakes Melt from Blazing Heat of a Trump Tweet

Trump tweeted, the media snowflakes melted.

That’s basically the whole storyline of the response to a hectoring tweet by President Trump this morning directed at CNN:


Note that he tweeted this just as the Sunday morning network news programs were starting to air.

CNN handled the situation with the standard pearl-clutching response:

The predictable media cartel meltdown ensued just as you might have imagined:


The over-the-top reactions would be utterly hysterical if it weren’t for the fact that these same media cartel snowflakes melting under the blazing heat of a Trump tweet are the self-appointed Heroes of the Resistance™ and Guardians of the First Amendment™.

What happens when a real crisis — meaning, other than the next Trump tweet tomorrow — comes along?

Some were incredulous at the media hysterics:


Even some in the media thought the reactions were eye-roll-worthy:

The hypocrisy of it all was glaring to many:


In general, it started off as a bad week for CNN:


A little bit of presidential hectoring ensued and CNN tried to push back:

But the week got progressively worse:

And the data doesn’t lie — CNN is taking it on the chin:

On this 241st anniversary of Brexit 1776, we should remind ourselves how precious our freedoms are and how unusual they are compared to the rest of the world. The First Amendment has been a vital historic recognition of the natural rights of all people, including the freedom of the press. It should be celebrated and protected.


But it’s unlikely that our media cartel betters are going to pause and reflect on how pathetic and impotent they look when they respond as they have today, and seemingly every day, in response to President Trump’s tweets — any more than they did after November 8.

America needs a strong, free press to hold our government and ourselves accountable. But what we’re left with today really isn’t measuring up, leading me to conclude:


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