Media Gaslights Congressional Assassination Attempt After Gaslighting Orlando Terror Attack Days Earlier

Last night, I was speaking with my former boss and friend of 20-plus years, Rep. Gary Palmer, who was just feet away from Rep. Steve Scalise on the Alexandria baseball field yesterday when he was shot, about running for his life towards the only open gate on the field while under fire. We were standing behind the crime scene tape where the shooting occurred just hours earlier.


“He was there to kill us,” Palmer told me.

But the official media narrative that has emerged over the past 24 hours on the attempted and deliberate assassination attempt of Republican members of Congress is a journalistic Rorschach test of deflection, double standards, non sequiturs, hot takes, fake news, and revisionist history.

The media gaslighting of this incident follows just days after the same media gaslighted last year’s Orlando Pulse nightclub attack, which I wrote about here at PJ Media on Monday:

The media hot takes began early after yesterday’s attempted assassination:

Now we see the media this morning framing the attack by blaming Republicans, and namely President Trump, for contributing to a “climate of hate” that has resulted in an incident of “blowback”:


Incorrect facts are a forgivable part of the “fog of war” following such an incident. But even before any facts were known about the shooter, David Frum of The Atlantic was pushing out fake news:

And when the real facts came out, they contradicted Frum’s fake news:

There were even more gun-related fake news “facts”:

Last night’s New York Times editorial on the shooting is a particular piece of work:


The Times editorial was even too much for some of their media colleagues:

Don’t let facts get in the way of a good media narrative:

The Washington Post has weighed in, too:


Our own PJ Media New York editor delivered the verdict on that one:

And after the attempted assassination of political officials, we had the immediate call by the media nannies to not politicize the incident:

Yeah, I remember something about that:

A corollary to “don’t politicize this tragedy” is to blame Republicans for “overreach”:


Served with generous helpings of double standards:

And if all else fails, bury the facts:

America narrowly averted one of its biggest political tragedies since the Kennedy assassination yesterday, one that could have altered the political landscape forever.


The lives of some of the victims still hang in the balance, and some sober reflection seems warranted:

But the media in its ongoing state of hysteria and “China Syndrome” meltdown seems to make such sober reflection following this attempted assassination impossible. If this tragic incident has shown anything, it’s that the media’s ability to get away with their gaslighting without receiving pushback is diminishing.



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