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Rescuers Cover Boy in Sunflower Oil to Remove Him from Washing Machine

One seven-year-old boy in Kharkov, Ukraine, found a brilliant hiding place during a game of hide-and-seek. Or so he thought. When he crawled into a washing machine, he was sure no one would be able to find him. What he didn't count on was not being able to get out of the machine.

When the little boy couldn't move, he cried out for help. His family came to this aid but had no luck removing him either. That is when they called emergency services.

According to the Mirror,

Four firefighters arrived and, after surveying the situation, came up with the idea of covering the boy in sunflower oil or Vaseline.

And it paid off, as moments after it was applied the youngster suddenly slid out of the machine.

Earlier, they used a plastic fan to give him more air as he was feeling claustrophobic in the confines of the washing machine.

Once free, the rescuers checked him over and - after they were satisfied he had not been hurt - handed him over to his relieved mother.

Fortunately, the boy did not suffocate and was unharmed in the incident. One of the rescuers recorded the event on his cellphone.

You can watch the drama unfold below: