Pastor Tells Kids at Texas Mall: 'Santa Claus Does Not Exist'

A pastor made a scene on Friday by preaching about the falsehood of Santa Claus at a mall. He walked around the Santa exhibit, where kids and parents stood in line to see Santa, shouting that Santa isn't real and that Christmas is about Jesus Christ.

"Folks, my name is Pastor David. Kids, I want to tell you today that there is no such thing as Santa Claus," announced Pastor David Grisham, who identified himself with Last Frontier Evangelism. While that organization exists "to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Last Frontier (Alaska)," on its Facebook page, Grisham spoke to kids and adults at a mall in Amarillo, Texas.

"Santa Claus does not exist," Grisham declared. "The Christmas season is about Jesus. Jesus was born 2,016 years ago. He was born in a manger, in a small town called Bethlehem, and that's the truth about Christmas."

The Last Frontier Facebook page describes the organization's tactics for preaching the gospel: "Through street evangelism, street preaching & teaching calling on Lost to repent." These methods were on full display in that Amarillo mall.

Grisham further declared, "The man you're going to see today is just a man in a suit dressed up like Santa but Santa does not exist. Santa's not real. And parents, y'all need to stop lying to your children and telling them that Santa Claus is real, when in fact he's not."

The pastor continued his tone-deaf sermon, explicitly condemning parents who build up the myth of Santa Claus in the minds of their children.

"When you substitute the lies of Santa Claus in the heart of your child for the truth of Jesus Christ, you are bearing false witness against God," Grisham declared. "Don't lie to your children and tell them there's such a thing as Santa when you know in reality that there are no flying reindeer, there's no workshop at the North Pole, there is [sic] no elves making toys, you buy all the gifts and put them under the tree, that's all the truth."

Naturally, parents became quite irate at this pastor. Cries of "That's Enough!" "I'm a parent, that's my choice," and "Chill out!" greeted the street preacher.

"It is not your place to lie to your children," Grisham responded aggressively. "Tell them the truth about Jesus Christ." Each of his increasingly terse declarations was met with "Chill out!" and "Stop!" from a father who had left the line to silence his preaching.

At one point, the hapless father pushed Grisham, saying, "Go on!" At this point, the pastor replied indignantly, "Don't put your hands on people, that's assault." The father replied, "That's not your decision to tell my kids what's the truth and what's not."

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