Media Blocked From Questioning Biden and Other 2020 Candidates at D.C. Event

WASHINGTON — Members of the press were blocked from questioning former Vice President Joe Biden and other 2020 Democratic presidential candidates at the Poor People’s Campaign presidential forum held at Trinity Washington University.


While Biden was leaving the stage at the forum on Monday, members of the media were waiting to ask him a few questions but organizers from the event told the press to move from the area. Biden has stopped to answer questions from reporters on-site after speaking at previous events during the 2020 campaign.

“We’re here to cover the campaign. The guy wants to be president. We should be able to ask a question. We’re at a university in America and we’re told we can’t do our job,” said Tom Llamas, an ABC News correspondent.

“Right outside, off the property, you can ask him whatever you would like,” one of the event staffers replied.

“He’s already going to be in the car,” this reporter said.

A few more reporters and videographers showed up outside of the building to question Biden before he left but the event organizers told them to clear the area.


“What’s going to end up happening is we’re going to have a whole bunch of media start to come around and we don’t want that,” an organizer said.

“When he is on public property, he is a public person, he can do whatever he likes,” the organizer added, before standing in front of the press trying to record Biden leaving the event.

Biden waved to the press from afar, entered his SUV and left the university grounds.


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