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Joe Biden's 'Hairy Legs' Comment Was Creepy Enough. Wait Till You See What a Filmmaker's Done With It.  

(Image via YouTube screenshot)
Over the years, Joe Biden’s typical off-the-cuff remarks have become more like disorganized free radicals pinging around in his head than cogent thoughts. By the time the words emerge from his mouth, they seem to have never met.

During Biden’s recently uncovered remarks — at the pool where he worked as “the only white lifeguard in the summer of 1962” and newly christened the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Aquatic Center — old Slow Joe was at it again in pervy splendor:

And by the way, you know, I sit on the stand, and it gets hot … I got hairy legs that … turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and watch the hair come back up again. They’d look at it. So, I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap, and I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap.

So pervy-sounding were Biden’s remarks that an animator from The Netherlands, Sven Stoffels, put Biden’s words into an animated film, which, it will come as no suprise, renders Biden’s own words even icky-er.

Behold and laugh:

We asked Sven to comment, but unlike Joe, he’s not talking. Neither are the “roaches” Biden talked about at the old pool.