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Tulsi Gabbard EVISCERATES Lori Lightfoot, Demands Resignation

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Former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard condemned Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D-Chicago) for her explicitly racist media policy and demanded the mayor’s resignation. Lightfoot had announced she would be “prioritizing media requests from [people of color] reporters” and her spokeswoman said Lightfoot would only grant 1-on-1 interviews to “black and brown journalists.”

“Mayor Lightfoot’s blatant anti-white racism is abhorrent,” Gabbard tweeted. “I call upon President Biden, Kamala Harris, and other leaders of our county—of all races—to join me in calling for Mayor Lightfoot’s resignation. Our leaders must condemn all racism, including anti-white.”

Gabbard is correct to condemn Lightfoot’s move as racist. In the name of balancing the racial scales, Lightfoot adopted a policy explicitly privileging people based on the color of their skin, rather than the content of their character.

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Lightfoot defended the explicitly racist policy by complaining that there are too many “White” people among the press.

“It’s a shame that in 2021, the City Hall press corps is overwhelmingly White in a city where more than half of the city identifies as Black, Latino, AAPI or Native American,” the governor tweeted. “Diversity and inclusion is imperative across all institutions including media. In order to progress we must change. This is exactly why I’m being intentional about prioritizing media requests from POC reporters on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of my inauguration as mayor of this great city.”

The real shame isn’t that too many reporters are — or, in Lightfoot’s words, “identify as” — white, but that the mayor of America’s second most populous city is resorting to outright racism to score political points. She is willing to contradict the spirit (and perhaps the letter) of civil rights laws by discriminating against reporters due to their skin color because the “anti-racism” movement — fueled by Marxist critical race theory — dictates it.

Yet some leftists suggested that “anti-white racism” cannot exist because white’s aren’t “systemically oppressed” or whatever.

“There is no such thing as ‘anti-white racism’, Democrat and transgender activist Charlotte Clymer tweeted. “There are no systemic or widely-cultural barriers for white people that infringe on how we move through the world. This is silly as hell.”

Clymer has something of a point, of course. White people do not experience the same unwarranted distrust that black people and other minorities do face. Yet, like many others on the Left, she blows those barriers out of proportion. Thanks to the civil rights victories of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and the Civil Rights Acts, U.S. law explicitly forbids discrimination on the basis of skin color.

Yet Marxist critical race theory claims that American society is still “systemically racist.” According to this definition, “racism” refers to the barriers that people of color allegedly face, rather than the plain English definition of hatred or discrimination based on skin color. Therefore, according to the Left’s twisted redefinition of “racism,” Lori Lightfoot’s blatant anti-white racism can’t be racism at all. Got it?

Some leftists got so triggered, they forgot that Tulsi Gabbard is a Democrat.

“Oh Wait….. Now Republicans like [Tulsi Gabbard] wanna condemn racism?!! Y’all 200 years too late,” actor Kirk Acevedo tweeted to his 214,000 followers.

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Whatever Gabbard’s critics say, refusing journalists access to a government official solely based on the color of their skin is racist, and in this case, that racism is indeed “anti-white.”

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Republicans and Democrats alike should unite against this blatant racism and demand Lightfoot’s resignation, as Gabbard has done. Sadly, this seems rather unlikely.