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Hero Who Stopped Texas Church Shooter Is a Vocal Gun Rights Advocate and Trump Supporter

Hero Who Stopped Texas Church Shooter Is a Vocal Gun Rights Advocate and Trump Supporter
Facebook screenshot of Jack Wilson.

On Sunday, a man entered a church in White Settlement, Texas, and opened fire. He was shot dead by members of the church security team. A local hero by the name of Jack Wilson took credit for bringing down the shooter. Wilson is a proud defender of the Second Amendment, the former owner of a gun range, and a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump.

“I just want to thank all who have sent their prayers and comments on the events of today. The events at West Freeway Church of Christ put me in a position that I would hope no one would have to be in, but evil exists and I had to take out an active shooter in church,” Wilson posted on Facebook. “I’m thankful to GOD that I have been blessed with the ability and desire to serve him in the role of head of security at the church.”

The shooter hit two parishioners before going down, and both victims died of their injuries.

“I am very sad in the loss of two dear friends and brothers in CHRIST, but evil does exist in this world and I and other members are not going to allow evil to succeed,” Wilson added. “Please pray for all the members and their families in this time. Thank you for your prayers and understanding.”

Facebook screenshot of Jack Wilson post.

In the comments section of his Facebook post, the hero identified the weapon he used to take out the shooter as a “SIG P229-357 SIG.”

Wilson, 71, is running a campaign for county commissioner in Hood County.

Various posts on his campaign Facebook page express support for Trump and advocacy for the Second Amendment.

“I totally stand by President Trump. Please be sure you are registered to vote and please vote. The survival of the USA is in the balance in 2020!!!” he wrote.

Facebook screenshot of Jack Wilson post.

A former deputy sheriff, Wilson owned On Target Firearms Academy, a gun range that burned to the ground in 2016. After the fire, the owner told CBS News, “we had two large banners on the side of the building that had the American flag and Texas flag and the Second Amendment below it. And with the statement, it says, ‘Open seven days a week to exercise your rights,’ and one of them survived.”

When announcing his campaign, Wilson shared his personal history as a small business owner, his job with a major defense company, and his role as a deputy sheriff from 1980 to 1986. “My wife of 51 years and I have raised our family in Granbury/Hood County for the last 42 years. We are the proud parents of 3 daughters and blessed grandparents of 10 and 1 great [grandchild],” he wrote. “I feel I have the knowledge and passion to move this growing county into a place all residents can be proud to call home.”

Wilson’s campaign is raising money on PayPal. Americans who appreciate his heroic actions can donate there or check out his campaign Facebook page here.

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