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Marc Short: It Is 'Patently False' That Dems Supported Non-Wall Border Security Under Trump

On Wednesday morning, Marc Short, former director of legislative affairs at the White House and a CNN politics contributor, blasted CNN’s coverage of the shutdown. He shot down the claim that Democrats supported various border security measures before the recent shutdown battle over President Donald Trump’s border wall. He called that claim “patently false.”

“Yesterday on the show we talked about the fact that the administration’s asked for more judges and has asked for more ICE agents, and has asked for additional resources that haven’t been provided,” Short noted. He argued that Trump delivered that message in his brief speech Tuesday night.

“And, you know, in all candor, last night when I was watching the post-speech coverage from CNN, they were saying these are all things that Democrats support. And that’s patently false. It’s patently false,” the former White House aide declared.

“I was in the room when we asked for more judges, and Democrats said no,” he recalled. “I was in the room when we asked for more ICE agents — this was before Democrats in the midterm decided they wanted to abolish ICE — and they said no. I was in the room when we asked for more detention beds and Democrats said no.”

“So, yes, they’ve supported [these policies] before Trump was president but they’ve opposed every element of that, and that is the broader point security message the president should be giving,” Short insisted. “I do think that at this point the two sides are pretty well entrenched so I’m not sure it’s going to change any votes in the Senate right now.”

His statements correcting the record are extremely important, and Newsbusters’s Tim Graham was right to point out that CNN’s anchors did not respond in shock when Short called out the network on its false pro-Democrat coverage. CNN knew it was slanting the news, and Short set the record straight.

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