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Sen. Tim Scott DESTROYS N-Word Attacks for Supporting Sessions

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) speaks Feb. 5, 2016, in Derry, N.H. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

When South Carolina Senator Tim Scott endorsed Trump’s pick for attorney general, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, liberals attacked him on Twitter as inauthentically black. Scott shot down their racist attacks with dignity and class, winning widespread admiration.

Racism is still alive and well in this country, and perhaps more in politics than in the police force. If a black conservative dares to rear his head, racist liberals will silence him on account of his race. Or so it proved for a sitting U.S. senator.

“William Smith and Tim Scott are house niggas,” tweeted @Simonalisa, whose tweet (and even her Twitter account) has been deleted. Scott shut her down with one word: “Senate.”

Twitter screenshot, Tim Scott shooting down a racist attack.

Twitter screenshot, Tim Scott shooting down a racist attack.

Other liberals attacked Scott as a “house boy,” an “Uncle Tom,” and worse.

“Alabama housenigger tim scott comes through for his massa great grandson,” tweeted R T.E.D., an account whose tweets are private, Twitchy reported. To this, Scott replied, “Just BTW – SENATE.”

Another Twitter account (which presently has no tweets at all) described the South Carolina senator as “a White man in a black body” for supporting Sessions, according to Twitchy. Here, Scott revealed both grace and wit.

“Is that like a Liger?” Scott asked, without missing a beat. Helpfully, he included a link to Google search results on the word “Liger.”

G Stuedler, an “Independent-Aggressive-Progressive,” declared, “Ask any actual black politician how they feel about Sessions…and that precludes porch boys like Tim Scott and Ben Carson.”

“I have to admit, that’s a new one,” Scott responded. The term “porch boy” may not have been used to describe him before, but the basic line of argument is old and tired — no real black person could support Republicans like Sessions.

One of the best responses came to a tweet which has not been deleted (yet).

Carol Tempel, state president for South Carolina at the American Association of University Women, told Scott, “You’ve sold your soul voting for Jeff Sessions.”

His response? “Sorry ma’am, but my #SoulIsPurchasedByJesus.” Bam.

These perfect responses gained Scott a great deal of praise on Twitter.

“How can anyone not love @SenatorTimScott perfect answer!!!” one fan tweeted.

“Great reply,” echoed another.


Another thanked him for a “great sense of humor.”

“Thank you for your grace,” another declared, claiming to speak for “the grateful nation.”

One fan thanked him for “being a hero on Twitter today.  #hatersgonnahate”

Indeed, Scott was a hero in giving those responses. Rather than take rank racism as an insult and whine about it, he dismissed it with humor and grace, and moved on. Declaring that his soul belongs to Jesus, he stood firm in the face of disgusting attacks.

This is what a U.S. senator looks like, regardless of race. Thanks again, Senator Tim Scott.