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MELTDOWN: Sean Hannity Attacks WSJ's Bret Stephens in Profanity-Laced Twitter Rant

Thursday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity went on a Twitter rampage against Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens. This was only the most recent in a long — and occasionally impressive — history of social media outbursts for one of the most watched news hosts on television.

Indeed, Hannity has remained consistently in the five top-rated news shows, reaching number two in June. But in 2014, cable news hosts ranked Hannity the worst on Fox News.

Without further ado, here are 9 times Sean Hannity lost his cool on Twitter, in chronological order. Enjoy!

1. Who is the little chicken man now?

On August 6, 2013, Hannity had a notorious Twitter war with singer/songwriter Ryan Adams.

He eventually offered to have Adams on his show, but the singer refused. In response, he declared, on live television, “Stop being a wimp. He’s hiding behind his rock star makeup like a little gutless little coward. Say it to my face!”



On December 22, 2014, Hannity was rated the worst Fox News host by his fellow cable hosts, and he unleashed his anger on Twitter. He said Mediaite writer Joe Concha was the best, but attacked all other writers at the site as “MEDIAMATTERS WANNABEES” in a rather hilarious all-caps tweet.

Andrew Kirell, senior editor at The Daily Beast, suggested Hannity dial back his “vein-popping rage.”

Hannity shot back, saying, “No rage at all.” You keep telling yourself that.

3. Hannity calls Jihadi John a “GUTLESS COWARD.”

In early February of this year, Hannity took the Islamic State’s most famous celebrity to task, calling out Jihadi John for hiding behind a mask.

His responses were truly epic.

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4. NINE tweets attacking Ann Coulter.

In late February, Hannity took anti-immigration pundit Ann Coulter to task for tying him to Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s “Gang of Eight” immigration reform law. The Fox host only praised the bill before attacking it, and he was on record supporting Coulter’s immigration stance. So, he unleashed a Twitterstorm against her.

Those are just three tweets of nine. Check out the rest at Twitchy.

5. “Pathetic … lying” about a Ted Cruz interview.

In late April, Hannity attacked Derek Hunter, contributing editor at The Daily Caller. Hunter had the temerity to suggest Hannity was too hostile in questioning Ted Cruz about his delegate strategy.

Hannity responded in kind, and attacked Hunter for “lying about the interview.”

He also called such criticism “Total BS.”

Hannity does indeed cut him off. Here’s the interview:

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6. Hannity calls a Cruz supporter a “#Whineysoreloser.”

In May, the Fox News host attacked House Speaker Paul Ryan for saying “I’m just not ready” to endorse Donald Trump.

When a Cruz backer accused Hannity of “betraying the base,” the host shot back at him, calling him a “Whineysoreloser.”

He then added that Speaker Ryan was leading a “circular firing squad.”

7. “I don’t give a sh;) what liberal hacks like u think!

On July 22, Washington Post reporter Erik Wemple suggested that Hannity shouldn’t anchor Trump coverage at the Republican National Convention.

Hannity fired back, in Trump style, pointing to his ratings as a reason to ignore Wemple’s opinions.

8. Jon Stewart “has his head up their as;-;”

On July 23, the Fox News host hit back at former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who had previously attacked him. Hannity accused Stewart of kissing the a**es of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

He later expanded his remarks, insisting that Stewart “has his head up their as;-;”:

Next Page: If Hillary wins, I will hold a**holes like you accountable.

9. I will hold a**holes like you accountable.

On Thursday night/Friday morning, Hannity responded to Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens, who called him “Fox News’ dumbest anchor.” Hannity had already started blaming Republican operatives for a potential Trump loss in November. He later applied this specifically to Stephens.


Hannity responded to the same tweet five times!

Then he started using profanity.

He dragged Stephens through the mud.

Then said that if Hillary Clinton won the election in November, people like Stephens would be to blame.

He didn’t reserve attacks for the Wall Street Journal alone, however. Hannity also hit National Review Online’s Charles C. Cooke.