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RNC CHAOS: Alex Jones, Roger Stone Crash Set of 'The Young Turks'

CLEVELAND, OH — InfoWars talk show host Alex Jones and Donald Trump surrogate Roger Stone crashed the set of “The Young Turks.”  Jones had rushed onto the stage to speak with Cenk Uygur, and Stone was walking by, so the host of “The Young Turks” yelled at him, attacking Trump.

“You know who’s accusing whom of being a rapist? Donald J. Trump!” Cenk yelled. He then addressed Stone, who shot back, “Read my book, you assault me all the time! You never give me a chance to respond!”

To which Cenk said, “You’re a sick man, Roger Stone! … You want a piece of me?!”

Then Cenk turned to Jones, yelling, “This isn’t your f***ing show. It certainly isn’t your f***ing show!”

Stone shot back, yelling, “Lightweight! Lightweight! Lightweight! … Bulls**t! Bulls**t! Bulls**t!”

As Stone walked away, Cenk goaded him. “Roger, yeah, run away!”

Jones, meanwhile, said, “Don’t go, he wants to debate you right now!” To which Cenk responded with disgust, “I’m not going to debate this guy!”

Then a tense back-and-forth happened, with Stone and Uygur shouting at one another.

Stone — “You don’t know anything!”

Cenk — “All you do is lie! You’re known as the biggest liar in media!”

Stone — “You lie! Get in the line, loser!”

Cenk’s co-host, Ana Kasparian, also chimed in, yelling, “Get the f**k off the stage! Shut the f**k up, b**ch!”

Then Jones and Cenk went at it, yelling about Saudi Arabia. Cenk yelled “You d****ss! … What do you think, the lizard people are in charge? … Is that what you think?!”

Jones shot back, “You’re the anti-liberal. You’re miffed. I’m being nice here.”

Finally, the altercation ended, as media swarmed the stage, and Cenk declared, “Everyone, GET THE F**K OFF MY STAGE!”

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