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#Conservative-Because Goes Viral Thanks to Millennial Ladies

In an ironic twist of fate, young women — a demographic group widely considered pivotal to Democrats’ electoral success and the liberal progressive movement in general — explained to the world why they are conservative, and launched a viral movement giving the reasons behind their ideas.

The conservative millennial women’s organization Future Female Leaders launched a Twitter hashtag explaining, “I’m a #ConservativeBecause,” and it took off on Sunday night into the wee hours of Monday morning. The tag caused liberal convulsions but inspired thousands of conservatives to explain why they believe what they believe.

Here is PJ Media’s list of the 25 best tweets explaining #ConservativeBecause.

1. The tweet that started it all.

2. Conservatism encourages women to take control of their government.


3. Wow. You go, girl!

4. It’s not called the “bill of wants.”


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5. Conservative principles work!

6. No handouts.


7. You own your own destiny.

8. Liberty, low taxes, limited government. Simple.


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9. Because the Republican Party has a pretty sweet track record.

10. Because common sense isn’t limited to straight people.


11. Because I don’t label everyone who disagrees with me a bigot.

12. Big government shuts down innovation.


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13. Liberals boiling conservatism down to racism and sexism, as usual.

14. Um, no.


15. Now, this isn’t bigoted at all…

16. All conservatives are psychopaths.


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17. Liberalism destroys everything it touches.

18. #ConservativeBecause I believe in free speech.


19. Feel the Burn!

20. I despise what “liberals” are doing to my country.


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21. I know who I owe for my freedom.

22. I value facts over emotional rhetoric.


23. Home of the free … because of the brave.

24. That’s liberal with a classical “l.”


25. Because Andrew Klavan made it look cool.