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Christian Campus Group Sues for Right To Choose Christian Leaders

When you form a group with a specific cause, it makes sense that you’d want the leadership to share a belief in that cause, right? Apparently it doesn’t make sense on today’s progressive campuses.

The College Fix reports: “The student club Business Leaders in Christ won a short-lived victory against the University of Iowa when a judge ordered the taxpayer-funded institution to recognize the Christian group on the same terms as others that require leaders to adhere to the club’s beliefs, such as a Muslim student group.”

The college recently decided to no longer recognize a whole lot of groups with such a requirement. In other words, freedom of association was a bridge too far.

Another Christian club is also taking action. “With the help of the Becket law firm, which is also representing BLC, InterVarsity is planning to file a lawsuit against the university later today, a spokesperson for Becket told The College Fix Monday afternoon.”

The school de-recognized a number of groups, but allowed for many exceptions, including Greek organizations, sports clubs, and Republican- and Democrat-aligned groups.

The University of Iowa is forgetting that freedom of association doesn’t just mean people can gather. It also means they can gather in a manner they choose, which also includes a certain degree of exclusion. After all, there’s a reason those exceptions are listed. Why would a Republican student group allow a Democrat to lead them? If a group is to have a focus, then it becomes imperative that the leadership share that focus.

What about the many progressive organizations on campus? In its desire to be woke, the University of Iowa is making it impossible for those groups to exclude as well. As expected, all of this nonsense will bite the Left in the rear sooner or later. Let’s hope the threat of further lawsuits brings some sanity back to campus.