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Climate Change Alarmist: 'Time to Start Panicking'

Ever since I was in high school, the media and liberal politicians have pushed climate change — then called “global warming” — as an apocalypse in the making. Everything we heard about it was doom and gloom. We were going to cause our own extinction by using plastic straws or something.


As if they’ve spent the last three decades telling us to behave in an orderly and reasoned manner, Salon now features a post titled: “On climate change, it’s time to start panicking.”

Writer Matthew Rosza fills his article with the typical doom and gloom, but then offers a small bit of hope: “The good news is that humanity hasn’t passed the point of no return, at least when it comes to the total destruction of our species (we have definitely passed that point when it comes to avoiding any kinds of lasting consequences).”

Despite his article being filled with supposed experts prattling on about how “we must do something,” four of the most dangerous words in the English language, it contains remarkably little substance. It’s just the “experts” telling us we need to listen to them because they’re experts.

Unfortunately, when it comes to climate change, the “experts” have been routinely and universally wrong. That’s not opinion. That’s a fact.

Climatologists have made dire predictions about the planet’s climate for almost 30 years now, and none of those predictions have panned out. The Left continues to ignore this 100% failure rate. Science is supposed to be predictive. It tells us if you do X, Y will happen. It’s how we know exposure to certain amounts of radiation is bad for you. Yet when models tell us that X will happen, but it doesn’t, then the models were wrong.


The climate alarmists simply do not understand the factors that affect climate as well as they’ve deluded themselves into thinking. Yet we’re supposed to uproot our economy by forcing substandard, overpriced products simply because they’re “energy efficient.” The end result of such waste is starvation and death.

Nobody should panic about climate change. It’s a failed scientific theory.

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