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Dozens of Iranian Instagram Models Rounded Up for 'Immorality'

Activists dressed as characters from "The Handmaid's Tale" chant in the Texas Capitol Rotunda, Tuesday, May 23, 2017, in Austin. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

The American Left has been shamelessly comparing the United States to the fictional dystopia from The Handmaid’s Tale. Despite the fact that women can go to college, work, marry a woman, not marry, and do whatever they damn well please that doesn’t violate another person’s life, liberty, or property. The Left is screaming bloody murder pretty much because birth control isn’t free.

Meanwhile, a part of the world actually is a close match to Margaret Atwood’s dystopia.

Dozens of Instagram models have been arrested in Iran. The regime cracked down on female “indecency” earlier this week. According to The Independent:

Among the detainees are Instagram models, and people who work in photography, beauty salons and wedding businesses, who used social media to share footage that the state deems “indecent”.

Roughly 40 women have been arrested in what is only the latest round of authoritarian crackdowns by the Islamic theocracy on women’s basic rights.

Western feminists: This is what the oppression of women looks like.

Your inability to get free birth control isn’t oppression. Your need to actually purchase feminine hygiene products isn’t oppression. Cat calls, while obnoxious, aren’t oppression. This is.

I’m not going to say that life is perfect for the average American woman — there are sexist jackasses out there, and no number of evil bastards committing sexual assault and rape is acceptable. But let’s not pretend that it’s remotely on par with what is happening to women elsewhere. You’re not being rounded up for dancing in your room and posting it on social media. The only oppression you’re experiencing is the oppression you make up to feel like a victim.

Stop bellyaching about your first-world problems, and help combat the oppression of women in Iran and virtually every other Islamic country.