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Students Demand 'POC-Only' Spaces at The New School

I can’t help but wonder what the people who fought through the Civil Rights era think about the effort by some students at The New School in New York City to create a “POC-only” safe space:

It seems these students need a space away from the “the pressures of white supremacy.”

I seriously doubt these students encounter anything close to actual white supremacy. Unless that is, the liberal bastion of New York City is more racist than it pretends to be. I’ll admit that such a thing is possible.

Creating segregated barriers in an effort to do … well, whatever the hell it’s supposed to do won’t work the way they want. If they persist, and if “white supremacy” is as prevalent as they like to argue, they’re simply playing into those white supremacists’ hands. The Klan loves the idea of black people shut away from the rest of the world. They love the idea of “POC Only” spaces. They really don’t want whites and minorities to intermingle, so by bringing back segregation, these students are doing actual white supremacists a favor.

Let’s say white supremacy is as prevalent as they claim. Let’s say the administration of The New School is full of white supremacists. Hypothetically, of course. Do these minority students think segregating themselves will win them additional attention from the administration? They’re basically putting themselves out of sight and thus, out of mind.

This is how I know they don’t really see white supremacy everywhere. They’re just using scary language to terrify people into doing what they want to be done. They’re manipulating people by threatening to taint them as bigots in order to get what they want.

If they really thought there were white supremacists lurking behind every bush, they’d do things very, very differently.