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Van Jones Blasts Left Over Constant Anti-Trump Hysterics

To say that Van Jones isn’t a fan of the current president would be like saying Lena Dunham isn’t the most attractive woman to run around on cable TV with no clothing on. He’s a big old lefty and there’s not really any doubt about where he stands.

Which makes it all the more important when he speaks the actual truth.

While on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Jones commented about the left’s constant hysterics over everything President Trump does.

“I just have to say, liberals and progressives spend so much time freaking out about every tweet, everything that Donald Trump does,” Jones argued. “Every day is Armageddon, that then when somebody comes in who might bring us Armageddon, we’re out of adjectives.”

When I find myself agreeing with Van Jones, something is very wrong with the world.

I’m not a fan of President Trump. I like some things he’s done, I haven’t liked others. However, the “we’re all gonna die” thing has been a constant gag. Everything Trump does is going to kill us all… only, it hasn’t. It won’t.

But the constant hysterics make it difficult to respond to actual issues effectively. It’s difficult because so many of us have already heard all the hysteria. It’s like the little boy who cried wolf. You do it enough and no one wants to listen.

The sad thing is, I do think there may well be a time when Trump does something that may actually warrant hysterics. But CNN and company will have already cried wolf so many times that no one will listen to them.

Should that time come, whether it’s Trump or someone else the media doesn’t like, whoever it is in power will be able to do what they want with a certain degree of support they wouldn’t have had otherwise, simply because some will disbelieve the hostile media’s intentions as being anything other than more of the same.

The First Amendment is one of the bulwarks our founding fathers added to the Constitution in an effort to hold off tyranny. Freedom of the press is a key aspect of that. However, in return, the media should use that freedom responsibly. That means ending the constant hysteria that Trump’s two scoops of ice cream mean an impending dictatorship and focusing on what’s real.

If they would do that, they might actually win back a little bit of respect, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it.