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Professor: Working With Conservative Students Was 'Miserable'

Nowhere is the Left’s growing refusal to conduct civilized political discourse in this country more clear than on college campuses.

Sienna College Professor Jennifer McErlean was a member of a campus civil discourse committee — an idea that really shouldn’t be necessary for legal adults, but here we are. However, per a letter obtained by Campus Reform, McErlean quit the committee for reasons indicating that professors and students like her are the root of the problem.

Wrote McErlean: “I withdrew from the committee that has been formed to figure out ways of productive civil discourse on such matters — it was making me miserable thinking of how to work with students like Antonio.”

“Antonio” is conservative student Antonio Bianchi, president of the school’s Turning Point USA chapter.

“I believe [Bianchi] greatly exaggerates the number of ‘conservative’ students who agree with his position (they are a small band) and his description of them feeling threatened borders on the ridiculous,” McErlean continued.

Campus Reform‘s Nikita Vladimirov reported: “Nicole Commisso, another conservative student who was mentioned in the email, criticised the professor for dismissing the concerns of conservative students, telling Campus Reform that she ‘as well as many other conservatives (especially during the election) were afraid to walk around campus alone because they voted for Trump or were conservative.'”

Bianchi shared and commented on the email on his personal Facebook page.

Perhaps McErlean’s most telling comment: “Faculty will surely have forums that counter and are more inclusive on issues like free speech and gun rights the week before and the week after — but if no silent, sign-carrying wall of people is there to greet the conference goers I fear the message is that Siena is generally happy with the list of speakers and there will be no acknowledgment of how evil these organizations are.

Evil. Charles Krauthammer once said: “Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.”

She’s not saying anything we didn’t already know. We know she thinks conservatives are evil. We know she was miserable trying to work with conservatives on a civil discourse committee. Because this demonization is perhaps the most embraced pillar of progressive ideology.

They don’t want civil discourse, they want everyone else to shut the hell up. Because even stating conservative ideas equals “violence.” McErlean is just one of a legion of similarly thinking people in academia who would rid society of civil discourse. In a word, that’s evil.