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Five Counter-Protesters Arrested at Patriot Prayer Event

The University of Washington’s chapter of the College Republicans wanted to host the group Patriot Prayer at an event on campus. The school then tried to charge the group $17,000 for security —  but was blocked by a federal court judge from doing so. Frankly, the judge was right.

However, the school was right to be worried about potential violence.

Because it was a group of right-leaning people, the Left went completely insane. At least five people were arrested trying to break through police lines set up to keep protesters away from the peaceful conservative rally.

Campus Reform reports that University President Ana Mari Cauce stated that campus police had credible information about outside agitators who intended to instigate violence. She added: “Law enforcement officials advised me that protecting the safety of the community would actually become more difficult if the event was cancelled because these groups would likely still come to our campus.”

However, there wasn’t a lot Cauce or anyone else could do.

You see, for all their lip service to the idea of “tolerance,” leftists just can’t tolerate anyone. After all, they weren’t protesting a Klan rally. They were protesting a group that argues its purpose is to combat the “corruption and big government with the strength and power of love.”

Yeah, the strength and power of love are noted tools of neo-Nazis, right?

The problem was simply that these people didn’t want to toe the Leftist line. Because of that, any manner of violence could be justified against them

The violent Leftists feel righteous for lashing out and attacking. After all, if people are allowed to say they disagree with Leftist orthodoxy, then others might realize they’re not all that alone, and the peer pressure to conform with Leftist orthodoxy on campus will dissipate.

So the ends justify the means. These Leftists would lose their minds if conservatives believed in harming people solely for speaking. But the violent Left simply doesn’t see a problem in the world with that line of thinking.


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