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Conservative Street Artist Confronts Hypocrisy of Grammy Awards

You know what’s always fun? Being lectured by out-of-touch celebrities about behavior, when the whole world knows that behavior is most common in the entertainment industry.

With the Grammy Awards airing Sunday night, conservative street artist Sabo had an ideal time to lash out at the music industry regarding their hypocrisy. Everyone expected the music industry would be preening and virtue-signaling at the event, and everyone was right.

Sabo took official promotional posters for the Grammy Awards featuring Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, altered them, and posted them around the city to make his point.

The Hollywood Reporter noted: “The perpetrator, a conservative provocateur who goes by the pseudonym Sabo, used previously published photos of Cyrus and Gaga that he slapped onto large posters that appear at first glance to be advertisements for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, set for telecast Sunday night on CBS from Madison Square Garden in New York. … On closer inspection, however, the posters are far more pornographic than would be allowed by any actual ad, and The Hollywood Reporter blocked out portions of the images in the photos of the posters here.”

Of course, as RedState‘s Kira Davis argues, the Hollywood Reporter proves Sabo’s point:

Ironically, the Hollywood Reporter makes Sabo’s point for him. Keep in mind, these are actual photos that the two women posed for and released to the public.

As the #MeToo celebrity movement enjoys their fifteen minutes, they simultaneously turn a blind eye to the worst offenders among them. [Photographer] Terry Richardson has been a known quantity for decades. None of these “brave” celebrities have had the courage to come forward with what they have known about him all along, because he is one of the most successful and influential photographers in the business. Much like working with Harvey Weinstein or Woody Allen, a private session with Terry Richardson is coveted and seen as a career enhancement.

Like he did with his now infamous Meryl Streep #SheKnew campaign, Sabo is pointing out the emptiness and disingenuous nature of Hollywood’s cause du jour. It extends only insofar as it needs to, in order to continually project their carefully crafted images. The women who have come forward with their true stories have paid the price in their careers. The women who are now clawing to latch onto the #MeToo bandwagon kept their silence and paid no price in their upward trajectory. After the risk has been taken, they sanctimoniously declare their sisterhood and support.

Let’s bear in mind that this is the same music industry that celebrated people last night for music that often is degrading to women, all while preening about how “woke” they are.

For goodness sake, they invited Hillary Clinton, who helped get her husband into office in 1992 by intimidating dozens of “bimbos” to stay quiet.

Sabo’s work in this instance does a fine job of pointing out just how hypocritical the music business actually is.

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