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Hunter Commits Suicide After Harassment From Animal Rights Activists

Hunter Commits Suicide After Harassment From Animal Rights Activists
Melania Capitan, from her Facebook page.

A 27-year-old Spanish woman best known for her blogging on hunting committed suicide recently. She was apparently unable to cope with the massive hate and harassment she received from so-called animal rights activists.

From Bearing Arms:

27-year-old Melania Capitan, who was from Catalonia and had lived for the last three years in Huesca, became a well-known blogger and hunter — gaining thousands of followers by sharing her experiences in the outdoors with her fans.

But after being hounded and threatened on social media by animal rights activists, Capitan reportedly committed suicide Wednesday to end the harassment. Sources say the young huntress left a note for friends before ending her life in response to the bullying — which didn’t end after her death.

“She’s finished the lives of many animals and no one defended the death of them … I think our [lives are] worth the same as theirs,” one person wrote on her Facebook page.

Another said, “You have done a favor to humanity! Bye Bye.”


As Bearing Arms points out, hunters are conservationists. They aren’t mindless killers looking to slaughter every animal. They generally love the sporting aspect of hunting, and work to protect those species. They also serve to curb runaway populations of animals that create a negative impact on the environment and humanity.

Of course, animal rights activists aren’t really interested in all animals. After all, they’re fine with a 27-year-old human being committing suicide because she engaged in a legal activity they disagreed with. Humans are animals as well, right?

Yet a human like Capitan doesn’t matter because she killed animals. Wolves, lions, and bears who kill are fine, but humans who engage in the same behavior deserve to die?

One of the so-called activists claimed Capitan did humanity a favor. No, humanity is much worse off now without her. Even if all the jackwagons who harassed her realized the inhumanity of their behavior and atoned, it wouldn’t come close to evening the score.

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