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College Lecturer Suspended for Assaulting Republican Student

A lecturer at Cal State Fullerton is sitting at home today rather than teaching his class after he reportedly assaulted a student member of the school’s College Republicans. The lecturer, Eric Canin, allegedly struck a student participating in a counter-protest as he conducted a “no ban, no wall” demonstration earlier this month.

Canin has been suspended from the school and further action against him is possible:

A Cal State Fullerton lecturer has been suspended for striking a student during a Feb. 8 counter-protest on campus.

“I am suspended and may not talk to students or employees of the university,” said Eric Canin, the lecturer accused of striking a student, in a text message.

A CSUF internal investigation concluded that “a campus employee struck a student and that as a consequence, the speech of the student group was stopped,” said CSUF Chief Communications Officer Jeffrey Cook in an email.

The altercation occurred between Canin and members of the CSUF College Republicans club during its counter-protest in response to the No-Ban-No-Wall protest on campus. After the altercation, Canin said he “did not touch anyone” and said in a text message that he was “confident any video would exonerate” him.

Unfortunately for Canin, the video did no such thing. Campus law enforcement has forwarded evidence to the district attorney, meaning Canin may be facing charges for the assault.

Of course, if the school found that Canin did hit a student, why is he only suspended?

It’s possible that the suspension is only in place to get him away from students while the university starts termination proceedings. Without knowing the intentions of the school’s administration, it’s difficult to speculate.

What is clear is that there was ample evidence that Canin hit a student he disagreed with on a political matter, was removed from the classroom and barred from even speaking with coworkers or students, and the evidence was forwarded to law enforcement for potential charges.

This is yet another example of violence from the left while they scream and whine about “hate crimes” supposedly increasing. Well, hate crimes — if such a thing has to exist — are increasing.  Unfortunately, leftists aren’t the victims of those crimes, they’re clearly the perpetrators.

Let’s just be glad the American political left is so “tolerant.” Just imagine how violent they’d get if they weren’t.

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