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Media Ignores Hate Crime Against Conservative Cornell Student

Olivia Corn was already a Republican. The Cornell student serves as president of the school’s College Republicans chapter, so it was probably fairly well known which way she leaned politically. As you can imagine, it wasn’t always the most comfortable experience to be a conservative at a liberal college. However, it got worse for Corn after Donald Trump was elected.

Olivia Corn, president of Cornell University’s College Republicans, can vividly recall the night she was physically assaulted on campus for being a Republican.

The assailant emerged seemingly out of nowhere, catching Corn off guard as she read an email on her phone. “Fuck you, racist bitch, you support a racist party,” the attacker grunted at Corn, shoving her to the ground from behind, she says.

The assault occurred the night after Donald Trump was elected president.

Of course, they never bothered to find out whom Corn actually supported.

Corn claims she was actually backing Marco Rubio for the GOP nomination and wasn’t really much of a Trump fan. She originally said nothing publicly about the assault, but decided to step forward after a while.

“I realized when I got home that I need to highlight that these attacks occur towards Republicans all across the country,” Corn said. “It is wrong to resort to physical violence because someone has a different opinion.”

She reported it to campus police, but since she didn’t see her attacker, they haven’t been able to do too much.

What’s interesting, however, is that Corn’s assault is not one of the many fake hate crimes that have plagued the nation. This isn’t a case where someone claims her hijab was ripped off her head, only for us to later learn that no such attack happened. No, all indications are that this really happened.

So where has the mainstream media been?

I mean, they were all over the story about the burning of a black church with “Vote Trump” spray-painted on the outside (the culprit turned out to be a parishioner). But a case like this, when someone is genuinely attacked because of her views?  Nada.

It’s funny how the mainstream media will claim there is no bias, but there is. Even if they managed to report each story in as unbiased a manner as possible, their choice of stories tells you plenty.

Corn was assaulted, and to be honest it’s unlikely the assailant will ever be caught, but there’s more than one crime here.  One is the assault against Corn.  Another is how the media, who regard themselves as the people’s watchdog in many ways, will completely ignore such a thing because it doesn’t seem to fit the preferred narrative.

Honestly, while it’s unsurprising, it’s still sickening.