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How the Women’s March Reinforced Every Negative Stereotype about Women EVER

Back in 2011 I recall being told by my Manhattanite brother-in-law, a hip and trendy millennial DINK, that the Occupy Wall Streeters were pretty hot stuff. There he sat at our family’s Passover Seder next to my husband, his unemployed brother, bragging about these righteous rich kids who could have cell phones FedEx’d to them at Zuccotti Park. Did he join in the protests? Well, he stopped by during his lunch hour. When I shot back at his hipster glee with, “If they really wanted jobs they’d put on suits, get out their resumes and interview for them like everyone else,” he was speechless. Apparently “cool” ranks higher than an unemployed brother with bills to pay.

The same frustration I experienced as a tired wife working three jobs to make ends meet five years ago resurfaced today when I scrolled through my social media to find more than one friend happily attending one of the many Women’s Marches going on around the country. I have no problem with a good rally. The March on Washington in 1963 was a great example of what a march can and should be: A group of peaceful individuals with shared goals rallying for a clearly defined reason. Not a group of random folks looking for a public place to play leftist agenda mashup for street cred.

The platform of the Women’s March is nothing short than a list of opinionated vagaries written in leftspeak and completely lacking in factual citation. It was carefully designed to stimulate the passions of armchair activists who have and will remain ignorant of the majority of crimes committed against women around the world on a daily basis, at least the crimes that don’t suit the agenda of the  organizers and supporters of the Women’s Marches. Namely organizers like Linda Sarsour, an Islamic activist who supports the oppressive Saudi regime, openly meets with Hamas financiers, and romanticizes Sharia law. And supporters like Planned Parenthood, a business that participates in “human organ harvesting and the fetal body part trade.

I scanned the Internet for any participant able to tell me very clearly what the Women’s March is supposed to be all about. The answer: Angry people who are mad that Trump got elected. The best way they felt they could vent that frustration? Wear vagina hats and carry placards of uteri. That’s right: If you want to throw the biggest temper-tantrum in American history, you just need to be a really big pussy.

But, I thought we were supposed to be angry at the crude and dismissive inferences associated with the term “pussy,” not exemplify them.

The Women’s March has done nothing more than highlight the utter abject failure that is modern feminism by focusing on feminists who happily personify every single negative stereotype about women. They are directionless airheads unable to properly channel their emotions verbally, let alone practically. So, they get together, stomp their feet and whine about nothing. But, you can’t say “nothing” because if you do they’ll start pulling out the PMS metaphors and threaten to…what, exactly? Go shopping? Drink wine? Pet a cat?

If you want to embrace your girl power, let’s go less YaYa Sisterhood and more Working Girl. Trump or not, America’s women have more freedom and dignity than most women in the world, especially those enslaved by Sharia law. Instead of using all that power and authority to whine and complain, take a cue from Melanie Griffith and use your power to your advantage to lift another woman up. Perhaps one who’s working against her will as a sex slave, or one who is forced to hide her face under a hijab, or one who’s facing a lifetime of harassment and abuse because she lives in an Islamic society, or one who is suffering in silence after having an abortion, or one who is still suffering the trauma of being tossed away because she was born a girl.

Those are the women Western feminists have the time, money and resources to help. Time, money and resources that are currently being spent on feel-good marches that produce armchair activists who dub themselves “community organizers” and host wine and cheese events to talk about “issues.” Because who wants to really help a woman in need when you can just bitch about your own problems over Merlot?