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[WATCH] Sen. Marsha Blackburn Isn't in the Mood for Fauci's Nonsense

(Image: Senator Marsha Blackburn Screenshot)
Marsha Blackburn Has Questions For and About Anthony Fauci

It is difficult for those of us hanging out on the conservative side of things to find members of Congress who never disappoint, especially in the United States Senate. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) is one of the few on my list. I was a big fan of hers back when she was in the House and was quite happy when the good people of Tennessee had the sense to elect her to the Senate. Sen. Blackburn never plays footsie with the spreaders of false narratives like so many Republicans inside the Beltway do. She says what needs to be said.

I wrote a column on Wednesday about a painfully embarrassing interaction between Chuck Todd and Anthony Fauci (I have a difficult time referring to this guy as a doctor) on MSNBC. The relentlessly incompetent, yet arrogant, Fauci told Todd that anyone who was attacking him was really attacking science.

In an appearance on Fox Business on Thursday, Sen. Blackburn got right to the essence of the problem with Fauci when she told Stuart Varney that Fauci “ridiculed what I had to say but…he never refuted what I had said.”

That is Fauci’s entire modus operandi in a nutshell: be wrong, then attack and smear anyone who has the audacity to point it out.

Blunder. Spin. Repeat.

Now, if Fauci were to say that an attack on him is really an attack on the uselessness of much of the federal bureaucracy, he’d be right. But, as we’ve learned all too well, he’s not right very often.

Here’s the interview: