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The Morning Briefing: The Whistleblower Gets Whistleblown

The Morning Briefing: The Whistleblower Gets Whistleblown
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In the Immortal Words of Gomer Pyle: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

After weeks of speculation amid uncharacteristic Washington secrecy, a somewhat clearer portrait of just who the whistleblower might be began to emerge on Wednesday.

A very clear picture of why the Democrats have been so fiercely protecting his identity also came into view. He has connections to Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, the Democratic National Committee, and the awful Trump-hating stain on so many news cycles: John Brennan.

This thing stunk when we first found out that the whistleblower didn’t even have firsthand knowledge of the call. If he’s Biden and Brennan’s puppet the stench becomes permanently toxic.

The Democrats are doing everything they can to keep every aspect of this latest attack on the election of 2016 in the shadows. Schiff and Co. are finally getting things moving in a formal direction today, and some Republicans are demanding a roll call vote in order to make the Democrats be nice and public about what they are up to.

What the Democrats and their media mouthpieces don’t notice — or maybe just aren’t mentioning — is that the people who support President Trump are eager to get this process moving forward.

It’s curious that those who started it all seem at times to be hesitant to do so.

Trick or treat, we’ll soon know what we’re getting.

Perhaps a Little Fiber in Their Diets…

The effort that Trump-haters put into being miserable is truly astounding. The Daily Wire came up with the fun little meme that POTUS enjoyed and tweeted out:

Harmless fun, right?


HuffPo’s White House correspondent:

See what I mean about the fiber?

My friend Amelia had a nice, dry response to that:

She went on for a while with the mockery. Here is one of my faves:

There were reactions similar to that to the HuffPo moron all over social media. Not to be outdone, WaPo dispatched a reporter to write a serious investigative article about the meme.

Imagine waking up every day so consumed with hatred for the president that even the lightest of moments are cause for overwrought, disproportionately emotional responses.

Better yet, don’t be a liberal and never have to think about anything like that at all.

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