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Trump Unloads on Don Lemon's Biased Debate Moderator Performance

Trump Unloads on Don Lemon's Biased Debate Moderator Performance
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

It is to be expected during any presidential primary debate that the questions asked of Democrats by the mainstream media will mostly be softballs that are meant to advance a pre-approved narrative. Even allowing for this, CNN’s Don Lemon was still particularly awful with his bias in Tuesday’s Democratic debate.

My duties last night involved live-tweeting the debate and then doing a quick wrap-up of it using mostly my Twittter commentary. Admittedly, I didn’t have high hopes for Lemon from the beginning. This was my response as the moderators were being introduced:

After Lemon unequivocally asserted that part of the president’s reelection strategy was “racial division” while asking Beto O’Hasbeen a question, I made this observation (which I stand by):

On Wednesday, President Trump took to Twitter to share a couple of observations of his own about Lemon:

Make no mistake: Almost every question Lemon asked about race was egregiously biased. He made his own biased assertions, then based the questions on those.

That’s not impartiality, that’s an agenda.

President Trump’s continual battling of the Democrat/MSM narrative machine remains refreshing because Republicans are used to seeing high-ranking members of their party cower and roll over for it.

Again, it was to be expected that Don Lemon would deliver an irresponsibly biased performance as moderator. CNN executives knew that, and that is precisely why he was there.

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