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Debate Recap: Dems Should Go for a Williamson/Delaney Ticket if They Want to Win

Debate Recap: Dems Should Go for a Williamson/Delaney Ticket if They Want to Win
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This isn’t a recap in the truest sense, as I am beginning it while the first round of the CNN Democratic debates are still going on. They’re all speaking with their hands so much I’m beginning to get a weird motion sickness though, so I thought I should shift my eyes away from the television.

The evening began with an intro from CNN that was more suited to a UFC fight than a debate to showcase people who want to be the leader of the free world. This politics-as-sports approach has been noted by many since the first two debates and is a desperate attempt to make people you wouldn’t want to hang out with appealing.

To CNN’s credit, however, they did get the candidates going at each other over health care right away. This is one area where — although they’re all WAY left — there is a lot of difference in the field.

This is an area where Bernie fancies himself the strongest candidate, yet he is still woefully nonsensical when attempting to make a point:

As this portion of the debate went on, former Rep. John Delaney (D-Md.) emerged as one of the more the thoughtful people on the stage. The more he pressed Bernie with details, the more Bernie leaned on a recent photo-opp of his:

In fact, Sanders kept relying on what were obviously big applause points for him in 2016 but aren’t quite getting hit out of the park anymore.

As the evening wore on, a pattern began to emerge:

Even Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), who was little more than a forgettable amorphous blob in Round 1, began to exert himself.

While Delaney’s pragmatism — relative to the socialists on stage — was genuinely impressive, it was Marianne Williamson’s blending of mystical witch and non-politician that was getting some of the biggest applause lines. Yeah, she was an SNL sketch in her first debate, and she kind of was again tonight. The difference was she was an SNL sketch from this year in the first debate, but she was an SNL sketch from 1976 tonight.

Her best moment came when CNN’s Don Lemon essentially asked her, “Why do you get to talk about reparations, White Girl?” Williamson replied with a forceful answer about doing the math for a debt owed that not only left Lemon speechless but got huge applause as well.

Williamson also spoke out twice on an issue not touched by any other candidate:

I’m telling you, Democrats, if you want to win, just let her start talking. People tend to get mesmerized by her in a hurry. Give Delaney the VP slot so he can do the actual work stuff while President Marianne is distracting everyone with soliloquies on love and math.

While that would shake things up in American politics, this is more likely the Democratic reality:

Unless Kamala Harris tears another pound of flesh out of him tomorrow night, that is.

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