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British Cops Roasted for Bragging About Confiscating a Rusty Spoon

British Cops Roasted for Bragging About Confiscating a Rusty Spoon
(Photo: @MPSRegentsPark)

Too precious:


I guess once you lose an empire, you have to take your victories wherever you can get them, no matter how embarrassing.

Granted, anything can be turned into a weapon, but the results of this “weapons sweep” are more likely to keep Brits out of the kitchen than anything else. If you’ve ever eaten anything in England you know that this actually can be a mercy.

Look closely at the picture. There are paring knives, cheese spreaders, and — YOU’RE WELCOME VULNERABLE BRITISH PUBLIC — a rusty spoon.

It didn’t take long for the Twitter snark to start:

Here is one of my favorites:

The New York Post has a few more quotes about the mockery, including this:

Another wrote: “Bless you and bless your officers. My mother got killed by a spoon-wielding thief. Thank you for putting your lives on the line.”


As the article notes, knife crime is a problem in the United Kingdom but one has to wonder if all knives qualify as weapons to be confiscated.

When I was a teenager, I briefly worked in a hospital delivering food to the patients’ rooms. Whenever I brought meals to the psychiatric ward I brought them plastic utensils.

Perhaps England needs to shift to an “all picnic spoon” safety agenda.

At the very least, let us pray that our friends in the United Kingdom stay away from wine and cheese parties.

One never knows when a drunk will go crazy with a cheese spreader and cause some mild bruising.

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