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Kentucky BBQ Truck Catches Grief for Tongue-In-Cheek 'LGBTQ' T-Shirt

Remember: nothing is funny anymore, and everything is offensive:

The t-shirts being sold by Belle’s Smokin’ BBQ in Williamstown, KY weren’t quite the rainbow flag celebration that the letters “LGBTQ” generally indicate:

Because humor is in short supply here in the second decade of the 21st Century the Outrage Brigade showed up in force on Facebook and Twitter to whine. The odds that any of those people are now, or ever will be, customers of Belle’s probably aren’t very good.

Sadly, the social justice warrior whiners are very adept at pressuring businesses that they were never going to give any support anyway to cave:

Posted by Belle's Smokin BBQ on Friday, April 19, 2019

Perhaps this would be a good time to have a conversation about the alphabet and the fact that people are being letter shamed.

There is also the fact that plenty of Americans love liberty, guns, the Bible, and BBQ. It’s fairly likely that many of them are Trump fans as well. A loud, probably largely unemployed, permanently aggrieved mob doesn’t get to appropriate groupings of letters to try and railroad people they don’t like.

For a quick look at the unhinged nature of these faux do-gooders, take a look at several of the posts on Belle’s Facebook page. There is one guy who responds almost immediately to each with some lefty meme nonsense. It’s pathological.

As for me, I plan on using the letters LGBTQ however the you-know-what that I want to, especially if I can trigger the SJWs. Heck, I may even make up some words.