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Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly Are Publicly Fighting Over Trump Now

This is going well.

Sean Hannity went nuclear on Megyn Kelly tonight after she basically called his show a safe space for Donald Trump.

And yeah, it was a pretty harsh dig from Kelly towards her colleague.

So after his initial tweet, Hannity kept going on Twitter and made it clear why he’s going public with his frustrations:

The number-one cable news network now has two of its three biggest ratings-getters (O’Reilly is still at the top) going after each other because they disagree on Donald Trump. It’s like political Twitter bled into the old-media world, then bled back to Twitter.

Hannity used to seem like one of the nicest guys in broadcasting. I’ve only met him once, after I was on his show in 2012, and he was very friendly. His Trump turn has made him a little grumpy, to say the least. When he first began being a full-time Trump apologist/cheerleader he was coy about it, bristling at any suggestions that he had turned his show into the longest-running Trump infomercial ever. Emulating Trump, Hannity began taking the various spats to Twitter.

There is nothing wrong with his support of Trump, or Megyn Kelly’s non-support. It’s just odd that they feel the need to battle over this on and off the air. If Roger Ailes were still at the network, I’d say that this was all a big ratings ploy, but it’s obviously personal.

Differing opinions on the most-watched shows on the network seem like a good thing to me. We can’t just have differing opinions this year, however. We can only have relationship-ending and angry differing opinions.

Are we having fun yet?