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Tebow Homers on First Pitch of First At-Bat in First Instructional League Game

Tebow Homers on First Pitch of First At-Bat in First Instructional League Game
(AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez)

Via USA Today:

Tim Tebow’s first professional baseball game, of sorts, yielded an immediate highlight as the telegenic Heisman Trophy winner and two-time national champion quarterback hit a home run on the first pitch he saw in a game against a team of St. Louis Cardinals farmhands.

Tebow, 29, is likely the oldest player populating instructional league games in Florida, and the 255-pound outfielder did not waste time showing he’d like to advance with some dispatch through the New York Mets system, hammering a pitch just to the left of dead center field in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

The home run came on the first pitch off a fellow former Southeastern Conference athlete – John Kilichowski, 22, who was selected in the 11th round of June’s draft out of Vanderbilt. Kilichowski posted a 3.38 ERA in 11 games – nine starts – at rookie level State College (Pa.) and low-A Peoria (Ill.).

Kilichowski was 12 years old when Tebow helped the University of Florida to the first of two national championships in 2006.

I know I often use this phrase sarcastically in posts, but this could sincerely be the feel-good story of the day. Tebow is a great guy; it would be nice to see his athletic career continue in some fashion. While many think there was some sort of anti-Christian bias/conspiracy that derailed his NFL career, that’s just not the case. He was a brilliant running college QB who never really had an NFL arm. Were he 3 inches taller, he would probably have been converted to tight end and still be playing professional football.

Much is being made about his age during this baseball tryout, but Tebow is a very hard worker who has kept himself in phenomenal physical shape in the hopes of getting a football tryout. He’s also had minimal wear and tear due to the lack of NFL playing time in recent years.

One thing that’s certain, and reinforced by the fact the he’s even attempting this, is that Tebow is a very determined athlete. If anyone can pull this off, it’s him.

Best of luck, big guy.