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USC Issues Apology for Offensive Student Sex Life Survey

The adults decided to finally act like it.

USC is apologizing for any discomfort several optional questions on students’ sex lives might have caused as part of its required training to prevent sexual assaults.

USC’s senior vice president for administration Todd Dickey said Wednesday the questions have been removed.

Campus Reform reported Tuesday USC students were asked questions including how many sexual encounters they’d had over the past three months and with how many different people.

This report says that the survey was optional but the original story said that the class which the survey was a part of was mandatory. If the survey really were optional, why would it have made students uncomfortable? All they would have had to do was opt out of taking it.

The quick response by the university suggests that this wasn’t just an unfortunate “Oops!” over something that wasn’t required. The blundering idiocy of it does, however, seem like just the thing that would be concocted by progressive academics in an attempt to comply with federal law.