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Boko Haram Still Wreaking Havoc: 1 Million Children Forced Out of School

FILE - In this Tuesday Sept. 9, 2014 file photo, civilians who fled their homes following an attack by Islamist militants in Bama, take refuge at a school in Maiduguri, Nigeria. A new refugee camp with 2,500 temporary homes is being built in Nigeria’s northeastern city of Maiduguri, and must be built by the end of Nov. 2015, for some of the million-plus refugees there from the Boko Haram uprising giving another sign that few expect the conflict to end soon. (AP Photo/Jossy Ola, File)

Via Time:

More than a million children have had their education interrupted by the conflict in and around Nigeria, UNICEF announced Monday, on top of the 11 million children who are already out of school in the region.

According to the agency, more than 2,000 schools across Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger have stayed closed since the beginning of the Boko Haram insurgency which has destabilized the region and displaced millions, including at least 1.4 million children. Approximately 600 teachers in Nigeria have been killed in the conflict, and only one out of the 135 schools closed in northern Cameroon in 2014 have been re-opened.

It’s sad that the affairs in the world are such an unmitigated disaster in the waning days of the tenure of President Peace Prize that Boko Haram’s ongoing reign of terror is practically buried in the news.

There is news like this almost daily about the group, but you have to go looking for it.

There can be no reasonable expectation that the all around situation for the bad actors in the world won’t just get worse in Obama’s final year in office. He is, after all, still not really taking any of this seriously.