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[WATCH] AOC and Cori Bush Accidentally Rip Texas Fleebag Democrats

[WATCH] AOC and Cori Bush Accidentally Rip Texas Fleebag Democrats
(Christian Gooden/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP, File)

The Texas fleebag Democrats are getting pushback from members of the Squad. Well, not really, but a message sent by two Squad members to their colleagues in the House definitely applies to the representatives from Texas who abandoned their job for a ridiculous PR stunt.

Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Cori Bush (D-Mo.) had a message for Democrats who left Washington, D.C., for August recess rather than vote to extend the eviction moratorium. In a video posted to Twitter, Ocasio-Cortez started the rant:

First of all, we’re here. We’re not on a plane to Boca. We’re not off trying to go on some all-inclusive resort right now. But because people are a little too afraid to actually communicate to the public what their stance is people want to skip town through August.

Accurate. Some of the runaway Texas legislators still haven’t returned to the state. Reports indicate a quorum will fail again on Saturday in the second special session called by Governor Greg Abbott. It has also been reported at least two of the Democrats are vacationing in Portugal. No reports as to whether their resort is all-inclusive.

Ocasio-Cortez went on:

Now, I don’t know why Democrats hide and say this is Republicans’ fault. Because it’s not. Straight up it’s not. And by the way, I’m gonna say it, the White House is not innocent here either. People need to show up and do their job.

The runaway Texas legislators were welcomed at the White House and praised for their bravery by Vice President Kamala Harris. Of course, that sent Harris to the doctor on a Sunday and put some White House staffers into quarantine after it was announced some of the Texas Democrats tested positive for COVID-19. Because they all claimed to be vaccinated, this incident started the rollback of the CDC narrative that vaccinated individuals were protected from infection and did not transmit COVID-19. Renewed mask mandates are just another thing to thank them for.

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Bush chided Democrats in D.C., but her commentary applies to Texas Democrats as well:

You need to make a conscious decision that I want to be the person to speak for, represent all of these people in a whole district. You choose that. Then you do all the work to get elected. And then you get elected and you’re supposed to take care of the people and then you choose to not take care of the people.

Then Ocasio-Cortez accidentally gave some advice to residents of Texas:

And so what we need you to do, what would be helpful, is if you called and said, “Hey, are you at work right now? We’re you at work on Friday?”

Bush added:

We need you to reach out to your legislators. Reach out and say, “Hey would you go back. Can you go back?”

Heritage Action took this video and added color commentary aimed at Texas Democrats still on the lam. While it is humorous to watch comments from Ocasio-Cortez and Bush credibly applied to Texas legislators, it should also lead to a question: Why do Democrats run away from a legislative fight? The obvious answer is that they can’t debate inside their party or with their political opposition.

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More moderate Democrats chose to leave Washington, D.C., rather than debate the wisdom of continued restrictions on private property rights. In districts full of renters, like those Bush and Ocasio-Cortez hail from in large urban areas, the electoral cost of advocating for a continued rent moratorium is negligible. It might even enhance their popularity, at least until the rent comes due. Suburban Democrats would have a much harder time explaining this position to voters and would be targeted by progressives if they voted against a measure.

Texas Democrats chose to flee rather than debate Republicans about election integrity measures that are broadly popular with the public. It is easier for them to run to a sympathetic media and call their Republican colleagues racists for rolling back exceptions to election procedures made because of the pandemic. Begging their fellow Democrats in Washington to federalize elections is the path of least resistance for them. Luckily for now, Democrats and enough squishy Republicans are intent on mortgaging the country’s future with a ridiculous infrastructure bill.

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Heritage Action did a great job redirecting the words of Ocasio-Cortez and Bush to smear the Texas Democrats. As the divide between committed progressives and more moderate Democrats widens, the opportunities to use intraparty arguments to make a point will only become easier. Bush recently gave Republicans footage that should run endlessly in 2022 when she talked about her need for personal security and insisted we defund the police.

According to National Journal, the Democrats’ messaging is increasingly chaotic. They fear alienating the progressive base, while in special elections they go all-in for more moderate members:

Democrats are a Shontel Brown party stuck in a Cori Bush world.

That’s the conclusion to be drawn from a week in which a pragmatic Democratic candidate (Brown) achieved a come-from-behind primary victory against a left-wing Bernie Sanders acolyte (Nina Turner), all while Democratic leaders fell all over themselves to praise one of the party’s most extreme members (Bush) for her successful push to get the Biden administration to extend its pandemic moratorium on evictions.

Radical rhetoric lost the party several House seats in 2020 and may cost them the majority in 2022.

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