Sorry Joe Biden, COVID -19 Restrictions Are Over in Red States, So Please Stop the Drama

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Once the CDC told Americans they could leave quarantine to vote, they lost the lockdown argument. And when we see Biden supporters by the thousands congregating, playing musical instruments, shouting, and singing, authorities will be hard-pressed to shove otherwise healthy adults back into their homes.

So, this message from self-declared President-elect Joe Biden is pretty confusing. Especially if you live in Georgia, Florida, or any other state that has been open and operating for months:

This is not to say that COVID-19 is not still in our communities. It is prudent to do our best and put our resources into protecting the elderly and other at-risk populations, but in open states, our children are back in school, football is being played, and we can gather at festivals, concerts, and other events outdoors. In Georgia, as an example, there has been no startling increase in cases. Most infections occur in people between the ages of 18 and 59, and hospital bed usage statewide sits at about 75% for all causes, not simply COVID-19. Fewer than one-third of ventilators are in use. Again, not all COVDD-19 related.

We have no ridiculous guidelines regarding the holidays. Our state government trusts its resident to make good personal decisions based on the information at hand. This information tells us the virus isn’t particularly dangerous to people under 60. There are increasingly effective treatments to deal with the virus if a person becomes seriously ill with it.

Biden told the entire country that he had a plan to eliminate the virus. The basic elements he outlined looked an awful lot like what the Trump administration has already been doing. However, now Biden is telling us there is no plan:

It looks like Anthony Fauci and his cohorts will be creating the roadmap. It is almost assured no economists, business leaders, or mental health professionals will be placed on the panel. Biden has pledged to listen to the science. The entire problem with the COVID-19 response from the Health Experts™ to this point is that they share the science selectively, and I would assert deceptively. Also, their singular focus on the virus has led to a lopsided response.

Neither the Health Experts™ nor the corporate media are being honest about what a positive test means. A notable exception in The New York Times reported correctly that the current test is oversensitive. Up to 90% of positive results are likely people who will not get sick or transmit the virus. The FDA and CDC both understand the underlying problem and have done nothing to correct it.

Additionally, the Health Experts™ are not honest about acquired immunity to COVID-19 based on exposure to other coronaviruses. As noted by RedState contributor Michael Thau:

But there’s something else that Fauci and CDC Director Robert Redfield both deceived Congress about more recently that makes their hysterical push to get us to take a COVID-19 vaccine even more disturbing. Namely, the fact that dozens of research studies have shown that a lot of us already have immunity from prior contact with common but harmless variant strains of coronavirus.

As I reported a few weeks back, Trump’s COVID-19 advisor, Dr. Scott Atlas explicitly called out Redfield for… well he didn’t put it this way but there’s no way around it… lying to Congress and the American people about how many of us are still susceptible to the virus

This is why there is a relentless media push to discredit Dr. Atlas. He is trying to give Americans the information they need to be less panicked about the virus and provide a degree of confidence that we can return to normal. His point of view and data are routinely suppressed when Dr. Atlas or other experts worldwide are the messengers.

It does not seem to matter to them if people are dying from suicide, suffering from depression, dying from other chronic diseases due to lack of preventative testing, or falling hopelessly behind academically. It is also clear from global data that applying the same measures to people of all ages is ridiculous and causes needless secondary problems.

It is also difficult to understand what Biden is talking about concerning the economy. The October jobs report showed an unemployment rate of 6.9% and more than 600,000 jobs added. These results would be improved without the ridiculous and draconian restrictions in places like California, New York, and Michigan. It is better than when Barack Obama won reelection in 2012. The GDP has also recovered much of what was lost in the initial lockdown during the second quarter.

Red-state governors who are effectively managing the pandemic while also reopening the economy and schools better stiffen their spines. Should Biden and his panel seek to impose mandates on the states that roll back the progress made, they will need to stand firm. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has already said Florida will never shut down again. The other state leaders need to stand their ground as well.