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Harris Blames Trump Administration for Trying to Protect U.S. Borders

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Someone find out what Kamala Harris is smoking and gimme some.

Vice President Harris continued her reluctant tourist trip to the border in El Paso on Thursday and bizarrely tried to blame Donald Trump for getting Mexicans and Central Americans mad at the United States.

According to Harris’s twisted logic, Trump got them so mad that they decided to take their revenge by crowding our southern border with tens of thousands of people clamoring to get in.

“First of all, what is happening here in El Paso really is, in many ways, highlights many of the facets on the issue of immigration. It is here in El Paso that the previous administration’s child separation policy was unveiled. And so we have seen the disastrous effects of that right here in this region,” Harris said, Fox News reported. “It is here in El Paso that the return to Mexico policy from the previous administration was implemented. We have seen the disaster that resulted from that.”

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The “remain in Mexico” policy, which Harris falsely characterized as the “return to Mexico policy,” worked. That’s the bottom line, and the fact that Harris and her radical, open border-supporting friends didn’t like it has nothing to do with the current crisis at the border. That crisis is brought to you courtesy of the Biden administration and its inexplicable policies that are reversing Trump’s actions that slowed the wave of humanity that threatened to overwhelm the U.S. in 2019.

Fox News:

Harris also seemed to blame the Trump administration for the crisis earlier in the day, when she said in a separate press conference that the administration had inherited a tough situation, but that they had made progress in the last five months.

Following the press conference, one critic was quick to correct Harris, pointing out that the crisis had actually gotten worse under Biden, seemingly referencing the rollback of Trump administration border rules, which led to historic increases in the number of migrants attempting to make the dangerous journey to cross the border.

Harris must be talking about the border situation on another planet. Here, on planet Earth, the border was relatively quiet. The pandemic had something to do with that, but Trump’s refugee policies — while they may have been much derided — proved efficient in maintaining a semblance of border security.

It’s so bad now that the media and Republican politicians have to get permission to visit border facilities, lest the truth becomes known about what a rotten job the Biden administration is doing.

Just because the border crisis has dropped out of the news doesn’t mean it isn’t ongoing. The Biden administration was completely successful in putting out the PR fire that swept through Washington in February-April. They were able to hustle illegal immigrant children out of sight, sticking them in tents holding thousands of kids. And for the rest, they adopted policies very similar to Trump’s: illegals were sent back across the border, families were refused entry, and the public health order initiated by Trump that allowed the U.S. to virtually close the border remained in place.

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But Harris’s trip was a PR stunt to assure the far Left that she and the Biden administration are still committed to ending all Trump-era border policies and flinging open the gates.

Another [reporter] pointed out that White House press secretary Jen Psaki also said Harris chose El Paso as the location for her visit, rather than … another border location where the crisis is worse, because it was where the Trump administration implemented the policies mentioned at the press conference. They added that the decision showed they had no interest in solving the crisis, but instead wanted to focus on reversing Trump administration policies.

The public health order that Trump put in place in order to combat the pandemic may be ended as soon as next week. Once that happens, Harris is going to stay as far away from the border as possible so as not to be identified with the resulting chaos it will bring.