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Green Bay Mayor Warns Trump His City Won't Tolerate 'Ignorance' Ahead of Campaign Stop

Green Bay Mayor Warns Trump His City Won't Tolerate 'Ignorance' Ahead of Campaign Stop
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Donald Trump is visiting the battleground state of Wisconsin and had a town hall hosted by Sean Hannity yesterday in Green Bay. Prior to the event, the mayor of Green Bay, Eric Genrich, posted a bizarre letter he says he sent to Trump where he warned the president that the city wouldn’t tolerate “ignorance” and won’t endorse “divisive and bigoted rhetoric.”

My open letter to President Donald Trump on the eve of his visit to the Green Bay Area.

Posted by Eric Genrich on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Since there are few people who wound endorse “bigoted rhetoric,” just what in Sam Hill is he talking about?

We are an increasingly diverse city with a vibrant immigrant heritage and culture and strong connections to the indigenous people who call our region home… Our instinct toward hospitality, of course, extends to our president, but I want you to know that it has its limitations. We don’t tolerate intolerance or willful ignorance, and we won’t endorse or ignore divisive and bigoted rhetoric.

Genrich, a Democrat, didn’t define “bigoted rhetoric” or “intolerance,” which in today’s political atmosphere means “anything you say that disagrees with my beliefs.”

The mayor also took a shot at Trump’s coronavirus response.

The challenges we face as a community, state, and country are immense, and they have grown only more immediate with the spread of the coronavirus, the tragic deaths of nearly 125,000 Americans and the incredibly harmful impacts this virus has had on our economy…

…This moment calls for honest, empathic, and courageous leadership, and I ask you to exemplify these qualities tomorrow and in the days ahead,” he continued. “If you have the inclination to do any of these things, please know I will support your efforts, regardless of our very real political differences.

Why would the mayor of a small city employ Joe Biden talking points to address the president? Obviously, the mayor saw an opportunity to play in the big leagues by shaking a finger at Trump and trying to shame him. Maybe he thinks he’ll get invited to give a speech at the convention for speaking truth to power…or something.

Trump had an explanation at his town hall for why there are so many misconceptions about his response to the pandemic — especially when it comes to testing.

I’ll tell you.  No, nobody has ever seen anything like that.

But what they’ll do is they’ll take five or six points and just say I lost.  And if you look at what we’ve done on ventilators; on testing — again, where we have 30 million — Germany is second with maybe 4, maybe 5 million.  So Germany is going to show fewer cases because they’re testing far fewer people — different-sized countries and all, but they’re testing far fewer people.

But many countries don’t do testing like that.  So it shows we — we’re way up in testing.  But what it also shows — by doing that, in all fairness, it shows a very, very low mortality rate.  Just about the lowest.  So we’re right at the bottom, in a positive way.  And I think that people are starting to see it.

But if I don’t do a show like this — you know, which is live or semi-live — if I don’t do a show like this, it will be — we’re not going to get the word out because the press is really corrupt and dishonest.  I can’t believe it.  I used to say, you know, “fake news, fake news.”  It’s much worse than fake news.

And it’s not only what they say, it’s what they don’t say.

The media has misrepresented Trump’s policies from the start, putting them in the worst possible light. Trump hasn’t been perfect but his policies have not been as bad as most of the media seems to believe. It’s just been another way for the press to go after the president.

Trump is right. It’s also what they don’t say that matters.