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Washington, D.C. Braces for One of the Largest Protests in Its History

Washington, D.C. Braces for One of the Largest Protests in Its History
Katie Pavlich

Washington, D.C., police are steeling themselves for what’s bound to be a confrontation with those protesting police brutality. No one is putting their name to an estimate of numbers, but it’s possible that hundreds of thousands could show up to demonstrate.

D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham says that his information is that it will be “one of the largest” demonstrations in the city’s history.


Some activists on social media have called for a million people to attend a protest in the capital.

“We have a lot of public, open source information to suggest that the event on this upcoming Saturday may be one of the largest we’ve ever had in the city,” Washington DC Police Chief Peter Newsham told local media, adding that much of the city center would be closed to traffic from early in the day.

Newsham did not give a crowd estimate. Local media has predicted tens of thousands of attendees.

Getting a million people into one place takes at least some planning. There doesn’t appear to have been much here. But with Mayor Muriel Bowser lifting the curfew and demanding Trump pull out the troops, how many people do you suppose will see this as an invitation and golden opportunity to burn, loot, and pillage?

Yes, but at least the demonstrators won’t have to worry about “police violence.”

Newsham says it is unclear just how many people will show up, but he doesn’t expect it to be quite as many as for the Women’s March in 2017, in which by some estimates a million people protested the day after President Trump’s inauguration.

The reason he expects a smaller crowd is that this time protests are going on all over the country.

“That is an indication to me that it may not be as large as the Women’s March because that was a singular event here in the District,” Newsham said.

Newsham said for the second straight night Thursday, his officers did not make any arrests in connection with protests.

See? It’s easy when police are told to stand down.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any mischief being done by the protesters or those who say they were out protesting. It just means that the police are choosing not to enforce some of the laws.

All across America, police are under siege. The terrified politicians are blaming the cops for everything and groveling before the rioters telling them they are absolutely right. The cops are racists. I’m a racist and am so, so, so sorry.

No police department? You’re right. It’s time for a change. We’ll get on that right away and “transform” the police while “reimagining public safety” in the process.

Can’t wait to see what that looks like, can you?

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