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Ivanka Trump Commencement Speech Canceled Due to Her Lack of Wokeness

Ivanka Trump Commencement Speech Canceled Due to Her Lack of Wokeness
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In America, the sins of the father should not be visited on his children. It’s one of the principles that made us an exceptional nation. No matter who your parents were or what they did, it was your accomplishments that mattered.

That quaint, outdated notion of justice is history. Today, people can suffer not only for the sins of their fathers but for their mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, employers and the guy who lives next door..

In this construct, familial attachment doesn’t matter. It’s a convenient excuse — just another way to pound on your political opponents.

If Ivanka Trump was a liberal Democratic feminist, she would be feted from one end of the country to another. She would be celebrated and talked of as a successor to her father.

But she isn’t. She’s just an intelligent, accomplished woman, independent and somewhat outspoken in her beliefs. And in our New America that’s emerging, that simply can’t be tolerated unless she thinks the right way, speaks the right way, believes what’s good and proper, and is sufficiently woke to understand her own racism and white supremacy.

Ms. Trump was scheduled to give a recorded commencement speech at Wichita State Tech’s graduation ceremony in Kansas. Horrified snowflakes forced its cancelation.

We are quickly moving toward one nation, formerly under God, indivisible — except when it’s politically advantageous — with liberty and justice only if you think a certain way.

Ivanka Trump is simply insufficiently woke to be allowed to speak.

Washington Examiner:

She had been invited back in February to deliver some remarks, but on Thursday, an assistant professor at Wichita State University, the tech school’s parent campus, wrote a whiny letter to faculty about how “horrified and disgusted” she was by Trump’s scheduled appearance.

The letter, written by Jennifer Ray, complained that as an administration official, Trump was complicit in the president’s supposedly “callous disregard of the concerns of black people, immigrants, and Latinx people.”

Mind you, Trump’s speech for the commencement had been recorded in mid-May due to the logistical complications caused by the coronavirus, according to the White House. This was well before the combustible national protests over the death of George Floyd.

But after the letter penned by Ray, a woman who isn’t involved with the tech school, Wichita State Tech President Sheree Utash decided to cancel Trump’s speech.

We are seeing this tyranny of the mob play out across the nation. The forces of law and order are on the run. Critical thinking is outlawed. Disagreement is punishable by cancelation.

“In light of the social justice issues brought forth by George Floyd’s death, I understand and take responsibility that the timing of the announcement was insensitive,” Utash said in a statement on Thursday. “For this, I’m sorry. That was never the intent, and I want you to know I have heard you and we are responding.”

Utash was the one who invited Ms. Trump in the first place. The “timing of the announcement” couldn’t be helped, which hardly makes it “insensitive.” But when dealing with delicate snowflakes whose feelings can be hurt by glimpsing someone with a certain skin color, great care is to be taken.

Trump’s planned speech was boilerplate graduation pablum.

“In this graduating class,” Trump would have said, according to remarks I obtained from the White House, “are men and women who can run an assembly line, build a field hospital, police our communities, respond to emergencies, keep America connected through internet and phones, care for our senior citizens and our most vulnerable patients, use 3D printers to make medical equipment, draw blood to save lives — and so many other essential services during this time.”

She would acknowledge the “hundreds of distilleries” that started pumping out hand sanitizer when it was in short supply and needed most and the manufacturing plants that “converted factory floors to produce millions of masks and gowns” and hurried to produce new ventilators.

She would have said that “our nation is beating back the virus through the strength and skill, muscle and might of the American Worker.”

Very nice. Very non-controversial but insufficiently outraged at white privilege. And where’s the part about police brutality? This is what the graduates want to hear, right?

Eventually, as Eric Erickson said, we will all be made to care.