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Ilhan Omar's Sad, Tawdry Affair That Led to Her Divorce

Ilhan Omar's Sad, Tawdry Affair That Led to Her Divorce
Rep. Ilhan Omar seems to be investigated. Source: Leopaltik1242 / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Ilhan Omar has not been very forthcoming about her marriages or her love life. This is understandable for any politician.

But for Omar, questions continue to swirl around not only her ex-husband, Ahmed Hirsi, but also her lover, Tim Mynett. This is especially relevant after Omar paid Mynett’s consulting company half a million dollars in 2019.


According to the Daily Mail, Mynett had been married to a 55-year-old woman before divorcing her in August 2019. In divorce papers filed by Dr. Beth Mynett, she claimed the 38-year-old Mynett informed her in April of his affair and moved out the next day.

Ahmed Hirsi had long suspected that Omar, 39, was cheating on him with married Tim Mynett  but the proof came when he caught the hijab-wearing congresswoman in a state that no Muslim woman would expect to be with a man who is not her husband.

Two separate sources confirmed the account to, saying that Hirsi was left ‘angry and humiliated’ by the encounter.

‘He suspected she was cheating but she kept telling him he was paranoid,’ one source said.

‘He told her he wanted to move down to D.C. to be with her but she insisted he should stay in Minneapolis with the children. Eventually he surprised her down there and his worst fears were confirmed.

‘It wasn’t that he actually caught them in bed but they were clearly in a romantic situation.’

Hirsi and Omar’s family apparently came to an agreement about some kind of settlement. In exchange for a large sum of cash, Hirsi would keep his mouth shut about everything — his marriage to Omar in 2002, their divorce in 2008, their remarriage in 2009, and the whole, tawdry affair involving the married Mynett and anything Hirsi may know about their business relationships.


The sources say the families of Hirsi and Omar hammered out a financial settlement that would give Hirsi tens of thousands of dollars over several years but only if he did not speak publicly about the marriage breakdown.

One source said the figure was as high as $250,000 over six years. Hirsi did not return requests for comment.

Soon after the agreement was reached last year Hirsi, 40, traded in his old Nissan Maxima for a BMW 528i, which sells for $54,000 new.

Just 37 days after his divorce from Omar, Hirsi remarried. I guess he wasn’t hurting too much following the discovery of the affair.

Most Americans don’t care about their representatives’ love lives. But in the Somali community in Minneapolis, the congresswoman’s affair with Mynett has not gone unnoticed. Indeed, it may threaten her career.

Somalis in Minneapolis say Omar has lost significant support in their community since her 2018 victory. Much of that is due to her affair with Mynett.

Her decision to hold the first in a series of ‘Happy Hours with Ilhan’ at a Minneapolis distillery on Thursday evening added to the distrust. The event attracted around 100 followers, but there was a distinct lack of Somalis in the audience.


She’s being challenged by another Somali who is slightly less left-wing and talks up her cultural sins in her appearances. Caucuses will be held on February 25 and given the strong leftward tilt of the district, the winner of that contest will likely be going to Washington.

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