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New Rauner Ad Features 3 Neighboring Governors Thanking Dems for Bad IL Economy

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner speaks to reporters in Springfield, Ill. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

I don’t think I’ve seen the likes of this Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner ad in any other campaign anywhere in the country. Three GOP governors from neighboring states are seen onscreen thanking Illinois Democratic House leader Mike Madigan for driving so many businesses and people out of the state.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: We want to say “Thank you.”

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb: Thanks, Mike Madigan.

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens: Thank you.

Walker: For raising Illinois taxes.

Greitens: For blocking Rauner’s reforms.

Holcomb: And helping create new jobs in Indiana.

Walker: In Wisconsin.

Greitens: In Missouri.

Walker: Our economy’s on fire.

Greitens: We’re growing good jobs.

Holcomb: And we’re growing union jobs faster than Illinois.

Walker: So, we owe you.

Greitens: Huge.

Holcomb: Hoosiers love you, Mike Madigan.

Walker: Cheeseheads love you, Madigan.

Greitens: Big fans here in Missouri. Bigtime. Thank you, Mike.

Holcomb: Thanks, Mike.

Overlay: Stop Mike Madigan.

Rauner is not doing well thanks to 3 years of obstruction by Democrats and liberal courts. His ambitious agenda to reform state finances, fix the public pensions, rein in the public unions, and lower taxes cam faced a solid bloc of opposition from Democrats, unions, liberal interest groups, and Illinois courts stacked to the gills with Democrats.

He made some tactical errors and could have done a better job of trying to get the public behind him. But Illinoisans are a cynical lot and they’ve stopped believing anyone can bring order to the chaos of state government.

I don’t know if this ad will help. But it’s certainly entertaining.