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FedEx Driver Confronts Flag Burner, Saves Old Glory

An unidentified hero intervened when two brainless twits decided to burn the flag in protest against the “Illuminati” and “fascism.”

The man, a Fed Ex driver, yanked the flags from the protesters, telling them to “back off.”

Washington Times:

FedEx drivers in Iowa can deliver packages in hurry — or stop the American flag from going up in flames.

Reminiscent of Chicago Cubs outfielder Rick Monday famously grabbing Old Glory from flag-burning protesters at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in 1976, a FedEx driver in Iowa City was captured on video snatching away a flag at Dakota Access Pipeline protest.

A reporter for the Iowa Press-Citizen uploaded video Thursday of the protest, which got heated when a group of individuals voicing fears of the “Illuminati” and “fascism” were confronted by the driver as they attempted to set the flag ablaze.

“All you guys back off! Back off!” the man said after grabbing one of the flags and trying to secure another.

“I don’t agree with Trump, but this s– is not how you unite a country,” added a passerby.

Nearby officers arrested two of the protesters because the group failed to obtain a permit from the local fire department, an ABC affiliate reported Thursday.

If someone has the right to burn the flag, another has the right to try and stop it.

As long as everyone goes about the business of exercising free speech relatively peacefully, the principle is upheld and consciences are satisfied.

Sometimes, amidst the sturm und drang of the political wars, something happens that makes us stop in our tracks and remember what it is that is so precious to us.

And sometimes, a nameless hero personifies the good, the noble, and the sacred in all of us.

It’s rare when sublimely ugly and grandly valiant actions are on display simultaneously. In this case, the contrast is glorious.