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NBC Working Overtime to Fan the Flames of Hysteria Over Trump

Here’s a sampling of headlines from Memeorandum coming from the NBC family of news networks.

Trump Allies Plot Candidate Intervention After Disastrous 48 Hours

Ally of Trump staffer Paul Manafort: The staff is ‘suicidal,’ he’s mailing it in

Former top Gingrich ally calls Trump nom ‘mistake of historic proportions’

GOP Reels After Unprecedented 24 Hours From Trump

RNC Chairman Priebus ‘Apoplectic’ Over Trump’s Refusal to Endorse Ryan

What happens if a candidate—say Donald Trump—drops out of the presidential race

Trump asks why US can’t use nukes: MSNBC

Not much hysteria there, huh?

Rumors, hearsay, wild speculation…you’d think that NBC wanted to defeat Donald Trump. Or something.

In truth, the rest of the press isn’t much better. But no media outlet has reached this level of  Trump derangement. It’s as if some top executive at NBC News issued a directive today and ordered his reporters to try and blow up the Trump campaign.

Trump is making it ridiculously easy for them to succeed, of course, but reading those headlines one after another, you can’t escape thinking that there are malevolent forces at work  to destroy Trump and elect Hillary Clinton president.  Or at least some Clinton partisans in the NBC newsrooms doing their duty to help make Hillary president.


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