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Video: Bernie Sanders Says Superdelegates May Start Switching to Him

After sweeping the weekend caucuses in Hawaii, Washington, and Alaska, and winning 5 out of the last 6 Democratic nominating contests, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders feels he has the momentum in the race and believes he can still catch Hillary Clinton.

But to do that, he’s going to have to get some of the 500+ superdelegates pledged to Hillary Clinton to switch their votes.

“I think the momentum is with us. A lot of these superdelegates may rethink their position with Hillary Clinton. A have not yet declared. And then you have got superdelegates who are in states where we win by 40 or 50 points. I think their own constituents are going to say to them, hey, why don’t you support the people of our state, vote for Sanders?”

Sanders has a point, but the bulk of superdelegates are not likely to bolt — yet. But the next three Democratic nominating contests in Wisconsin (4/5), Wyoming (4/9), and the crucial New York primary on 4/19 will tell the tale if Democrats are going to ride with Hillary or not. If Hillary Clinton can’t win New York, a lot of Democrats will be re-examining their options.

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