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Quest Announces 34k Patients' Health Info Hacked

Quest Diagnostics announced on Monday that its network system was hacked. The hackers breached theMyQuest by Care 360 internet application by penetrating a mobile app that allows customers to access their medical test results.

The Madison, New Jersey-based Fortune 500 healthcare company said in a press release that on Nov. 26, an unauthorized third party accessed the MyQuest by Care 360 internet application and obtained health information of about 34,000 patients.

The hack included only personal information like names, dates of birth and in some cases phone numbers, but also lab results.

None of the compromised information included Social Security numbers, credit card, insurance or other financial information, Quest says. The company says it immediately addressed the hack when it was discovered and has notified all affected individuals.

So, while your financial information my be safe, your medical conditions may not be.

The company did not say whether the hack affected individuals in any particular region of the country. The company has locations throughout the United States.

Quest said it had taken immediate steps to address the vulnerability in its app, which is called MyQuest by Care360, and had reported the intrusion to law enforcement. The company said that an investigation was continuing and that it was working with a cybersecurity business to prevent similar hacks.

If you are a Quest customer, you can contact 888-320-9970 with any questions.