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Canadian Radio Host Fired for Saying There's No Such Thing as Transgender... Off the Air


A Canadian radio station fired one of their hosts after he told a listener, via Facebook Messenger, that there’s really no such thing as “transgender.” Dave Wheeler, who hosted 92.1 CITI FM’s “Wheeler in the Morning” in Winnipeg, Manitoba, compared transitioning to pretending to be a dog.

Wheeler was discussing Scarlett Johansson’s decision to accept a role as a trans man in Rub & Tug (which she later turned down) when the listener reached out to Wheeler via Facebook.

The radio host wrote to her, pointing out some salient facts.

I’m not allowed to be a 6’4” Asian person. If I claimed to be, no one would agree with me. So why is it ok for someone to play pretend and we add to the disillusion? There is male, and female. People can make the switch… but there is no “trans.” It’s a made up word to defend people’s dysphoria and make it acceptable? Until the surgery is complete, you are still a male… or a female. The only transition that happens is on the table. Until that happens, it’s pretending to be something your not.

The conversation was posted on Twitter later that day with the comment that Wheeler was obviously unkind and a “piece of s**t.”

The company that runs the station, Rogers Media, fired Wheeler, saying that despite “multiple disciplinary incidents and in spite of numerous conversations, he has continued to offend our audiences.”

While Wheeler has expressed these views publicly on air, it’s unfortunate that he was fired for what was essentially a private communication with a listener. Even still, Wheeler’s beliefs aren’t unreasonable or unkind — in fact, they’re measured, logical, and even thoughtful. He simply points out the reality of biology and accuses the transgender movement to defying that very obvious thing.

Canadian professor and the right-of-center’s new Man of the Hour, Dr. Jordan Peterson, has spoken out against this new trend, receiving two written warnings from the University of Toronto because he refuses to use the preferred gender pronouns of students and faculty who don’t identify with their biological gender. The use of those pronouns is mandatory under Canadian law, Bill C-16, and Peterson rejects it entirely. “I’m not going to cede linguistic territory to post-modernist neo-Marxists,” he says. (Be still my heart.)

In Wheeler’s case, it’s one thing to be fired for discrimination, poor performance, or even Howard Stern-level radio host behavior, but it’s another to be fired for speaking the truth —  in private to a listener. That’s a new level of transgender propaganda the public sphere is willingly giving into which should concern Canadians and Americans alike.