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Eric Swalwell Drops Out of 2020 Presidential Race, Jokes He Would Endorse Megan Rapinoe

Photo credit: Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) announced on Monday that he’s dropping out the 2020 Democratic presidential primary race.

“Today ends our presidential campaign but it is the beginning of an opportunity in Congress with a new perspective shaped by the lives that have touched mine and our campaign throughout these last three months to bring that promise of America to all Americans, to believe that it will be the next generation whose leadership will solve climate chaos, bring cures in our lifetime for health care, address the student loan debt crisis and make sure that we say enough is enough,” Swalwell said during a press conference in Dublin, Calif.

“We don’t have to live this way anymore and that we love our children more than we love our guns. I’m fired up to do that work that I’ve already been doing in the Congress, to go back to Washington on the House Judiciary Committee, the House Intelligence Committee and as the chair of the Steering and Policy Committee to work on these issues but to carry the stories of so many people I’ve met across America,” he added.

Swalwell continued, “So I have no regrets. I’m excited about what we’ve done.”

When asked who he is going to endorse in the race, Swalwell said, “I don’t know yet. I’m really impressed by this field. If Megan Rapinoe gets in the race, I’m probably going to endorse her. I think she turns 35 next July.”

Swalwell said he plans to run again for the House of Representatives.