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Jeb! Bush, Klass Klown

Jeb! Bush, Klass Klown
Jeb Bush (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Weird. The post-funny campaign of the least of the Bushes:

And now, a joke from Jeb Bush. “Ashley, how are you doing?” he said at the start of his news conference on Tuesday, turning to an ABC reporter, Candace Smith. There were bemused smiles, but mostly silent stares.

“I’m not wearing my contacts, so-—,“ he said, as another reporter, Ashley Killough of CNN, looked on. “I’m joking.”

At least one person chuckled.

Ms. Smith is petite and black; Ms. Killough is tall and white.

Mr. Bush, the former Florida governor, typically wears glasses, but his campaign said he had gotten contact lenses Monday morning. It seems he was, in fact, wearing them.

“Yeah, I’m wearing them,” he said when pressed. “I got home yesterday for the first time in three weeks, I think — two and a half weeks. And I went to the eye doctor and got a haircut. Big news in the Bush campaign.”